Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lexi's 1st Day of Preschool

Today Lexi started preschool. Normally I wouldn't have enrolled her in school yet, but my good friend, who taught preschool for years, decided to teach a small group of children out of her home. Lexi goes twice a week for 2 1/2 hours which gives her some much needed playtime, plus I get to run some errands minus a toddler. It's amazing how much more you can do when you're not trying to drag a 2-year-old with you. I can tell that she is going to love it because when I picked her up today she gave me this look of disappointment that said, "Oh mom, can't you come back later. I'm having so much fun."

Now of course, on the 1st day of school I had to take multiple pictures. She was so adorable holding her little bag all ready to go. I got a couple shots in our apartment and then decided to venture out and get some nature shots. Not such a good idea...I got one picture and then Lexi screamed bloody murder, and I new instantly that she had been bitten by a fire ant. Our fun and exciting morning quickly took a turn for the worst as I ran her into the apartment and pinned her to the floor so I could put some Calamine on the bite. Instantly the pain abated and we made it to school. Below are the pictures I got before the traumatic biting incident.

In other news, I finally got Lexi potty trained. I tried to train her about 4 months ago and gave up after 1 day because she didn't seem ready. This time was significantly easier. She seemed to grasp the concept a lot better this time, and I honestly had her trained in about a day. It took another couple of weeks to work out the fine details like wiping, hand washing, and pooping, but she is pretty much done. Hallelujah! I'm so glad I waited until she was a little older. Here are some random pictures of my big girl.

Jeff started school again this week. His class load is significantly lighter and most of his time will be spent in the clinic working on patients. I can't believe he'll be graduating in April. The time has flown by. I am so proud of him for sticking with it and continuing to work hard.

Lastly, I am still pregnant. I'm almost 16 weeks and fortunately am feeling a lot better. The morning sickness still lingers a little, especially if I forget to eat, but it is definitely nothing like it was with Lexi. I'm so glad to be over the worst of it. The baby is healthy and everything looks normal. The doctor is pretty certain the sex of the baby, but I won't be posting that announcement until we have another sonogram in a few weeks and are positive. Although I hate to have my picture taken while I'm gestating I decided to post 1 for posterity's sake. I will only be accepting comments such as "Man you look great" or "You look so little for 16weeks". I will not be accepting comments such as "Are you pregnant with twins?" or "Man, you're huge!" Thanks for your understanding.