Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Lexi

Today is Lexi's 3rd birthday. We celebrated yesterday with a big birthday bash. Our friend's Wayne and D'Lonna were kind enough to let us use their house for the party because there is no way that we could have fit everyone into our tiny apartment. Lexi has been looking forward to her birthday for months and since this is the last year she will be an only child we wanted to make it really fun for her. The funniest moment during the party was when Lexi was opening her presents. She had probably opened 4 presents and then decided she was done and walked into the other room. She was sitting on the floor, surrounded by everyone, and just got up and walked away. I tried to get her to come back and open the rest but she wouldn't, so I let all the other kids open her presents. She was really excited this morning when she woke up to play with all the toys she didn't even know she had gotten. What a silly kid. Thanks to all our friends for coming and for all the wonderful presents (hopefully no one got offended by Lexi's lack of enthusiasm).
Lexi taking her turn hitting the pinata.
All the kids waiting patiently to take a swing at the pinata
Jeff was brave enough to hold the pinata on a broom while 10 preschoolers swung a bat in his direction.
Lexi was so excited to blow out the candles on her cake.
Lexi opening her first present.
This is about the point that she lost interest in her presents. You can tell from her face that she is pretty worn out.
This is all the other children opening her presents for her.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Shower

Last week my friends hosted a baby shower for me. It was so much fun and so great to see everyone. I got some really cute clothes and other essentials for the baby. I now feel like I'm fully prepared to have this kiddo (I just need to convince him to come out a little early).

I actually have a lot more pictures from the shower, but I'm in all of them and I don't want to scare anyone with my large size. I've got some serious exercising to do after this baby comes.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's been a while since I've given a baby update so I thought I would let you all know how things are going. I'm still on bedrest, although my blood pressure is staying down so I am able to do a few things around the house. Jeff has been out of school for the last 2 weeks so it's been nice to have someone to cook and clean for me. He is an extremely capable man and can handle just about all of the housework (even if it's not done to my perfectionist standards). Lexi has been getting a little stir-crazy in the house and has taken to jumping on the furniture to get rid of her excess energy. All-in-all I'm hanging in there although it seems like this pregnancy will never end! Oh, and on another note...I had a sonogram and the baby weighs around 5 pounds (average weight for this stage is 2.5 - 3.5 pounds), which means I will probably be delivering a 12 pound baby. What a nice thought. I'm just praying this baby finishes cooking quickly and I go into labor a few weeks early. Here are some random pictures of Lexi that I've taken over the last several months.

Merry Christmas

I realize I'm a little late on the Christmas post, but better late than never. This year we had planned on going to Arizona for the holidays but because of my bedrest we had to stay home. Although we missed seeing family, it was nice to have a quiet Christmas with just the 3 of us. This is the first year that Lexi got into Christmas and was so excited about Santa coming and bringing her a toy robot. Originally we planned on only getting her a couple presents, but between grandparents and aunts and uncles she ended up with quite a few presents. It was a fun day and we really enjoyed our last Christmas in Texas.
The Layout on Christmas morning
I think her favorite toy was the dollhouse which stands about a foot taller than her. She was so surprised and excited when she saw it that she didn't want to open the other presents. Notice the robot at the bottom of the picture. For some reason Lexi got it in her head that she wanted Santa to bring her a robot. Thankfully my mother found one that fit Lexi's description and made her pretty happy.
Lexi got several dolls and doll accessories. I'm expecting her to get really into her dolls once the baby arrives.
Jeff thought he'd brush up on his parenting skills with one of Lexi's dolls.
Lexi reached a point where she was so overwhelmed with toys that she had to take a break from opening presents and survey all the new loot.
Jeff really wanted to get Lexi a tent for inside the house, but the store was sold out of the kid-sized tents so we ended up buying a really inexpensive dome tent. The only problem is that it is 7' x 7' and takes up our entire living room. She does love to play in it though.
Worn out after a long day of present opening and playing with new toys.