Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Lexi

Today is Lexi's 3rd birthday. We celebrated yesterday with a big birthday bash. Our friend's Wayne and D'Lonna were kind enough to let us use their house for the party because there is no way that we could have fit everyone into our tiny apartment. Lexi has been looking forward to her birthday for months and since this is the last year she will be an only child we wanted to make it really fun for her. The funniest moment during the party was when Lexi was opening her presents. She had probably opened 4 presents and then decided she was done and walked into the other room. She was sitting on the floor, surrounded by everyone, and just got up and walked away. I tried to get her to come back and open the rest but she wouldn't, so I let all the other kids open her presents. She was really excited this morning when she woke up to play with all the toys she didn't even know she had gotten. What a silly kid. Thanks to all our friends for coming and for all the wonderful presents (hopefully no one got offended by Lexi's lack of enthusiasm).
Lexi taking her turn hitting the pinata.
All the kids waiting patiently to take a swing at the pinata
Jeff was brave enough to hold the pinata on a broom while 10 preschoolers swung a bat in his direction.
Lexi was so excited to blow out the candles on her cake.
Lexi opening her first present.
This is about the point that she lost interest in her presents. You can tell from her face that she is pretty worn out.
This is all the other children opening her presents for her.

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Allison Serr said...

I'm so sorry - we completely forgot to come!!! I had a crazy weekend at work and didn't even think about it until I saw your post. I'm glad Lexi had a great birthday, but wish we could have joined in the festivities!