Friday, March 23, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

Lexi decided she wanted to take a nap on mom and dad's bed instead of her crib. She is starting to become very independent. She no longer likes to be cuddled all the time. Mostly she prefers to lay on her back and kick. We'll be holding her and she'll start squirming and screaming until we put her down. Then she'll just kick and play by herself for a couple hours. It's amazing what a happy baby she is. Last night she even slept a full 6 hours before wanting to eat. Hopefully she'll be sleeping through the night soon.
Lexi is also finally getting big enough that she can fit into some of the cute summer clothes I have for her. Thanks aunt Jennifer and Jerilyin for this adorable one.

Jeff and I are using this time to try and get back into shape. We are eating healthy and working out lot's. Unfortunately I have injured my knee slightly and so can't do much running yet. Hopefully I won't be held up too long and can get back to exercising. It feels so good to be active again and not be throwing up all the time. I certainly don't miss being pregnant. It's crazy though how much I've already forgotten about the whole ordeal. I'm actually considering having another baby one day.


A and J said...

I miss the Aunt Jemima bow!

The Young Family Inc. said...

actually considering having a baby... one day... I like how you put that last part in there. Lexi Schramm is adorable!