Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween

I'm finally getting around to sharing our Halloween pictures. This year Jeff and I went to a Halloween party hosted by our friends Brittany and Josh Redd. Lala came in town and so she offered to stay home with Alexis (she just wanted to get out of wearing a costume). The night was really fun, and the costumes were quite original!

I finally persuaded Jeff to let me do his makeup and dress him up as death. I went for a more heavenly costume and came as a fairy godmother, complete with silver eyelashes.

Tim Rutter came as Jack Sparrow with his little pirate son Lewis. Sarah was Dorothy complete with a matching Toto.

Lyndsey Swindlehurst came as the most beautiful witch I've ever seen, while her husband Jeremy rode in on a bull.

The winner of the costume contest was our host Josh Redd (although I came in a close 2nd). It's pretty hard to beat an adult male wearing a diaper. Don't scroll down if you're easily offended.

Josh's wife Brittany is pregnant and decided to practice the art of mothering on her husband. Brittany, I hope your baby boy is a little cuter (no offense Josh).

What a scary group we are.


D'Lonna said...

Thank you for stopping by on Halloween (sorry I get freaked out really easy especially if wayne is gone) and then again with the treats! Yummy!!

Jonah and Aja Eyre said...

Love the costumes, Brittany. Your makeup is awesome!!!

Gina, Antz, & Aria said...

Hey Bee - I'm "tagging you" - read the 2nd post on my blog to find out more. ;)