Saturday, October 18, 2008

How manly is your man?

So, for the past 15 days Jeff has been attempting to grow a beard. Why, you ask. At first the answer was unclear, but after much thought I have come to this conclusion. Every man, at some point in his life, must embark on a certain rite of passage. This initiation of sorts involves growing a beard. Now, in a man's mind there is a correlation between masculinity and the beard. It seems that the thickness of a man's beard is directly proportional to his masculinity. Meaning, that the fuller your beard, the more manly you are. This is unfotunate news for my brother Eric, whose every attempt at growing a beard results in a myriad of dark patches rather than the desired full beard (sorry Eric). Men will test this masculinity several times during their lives by letting their facial hair grow. I know your man has done it, and mine has done it atleast 3 times since we've been married. So how did Jeff fare on this attempt? The beard was a little thin, but definitly better than some others I've seen. I guess my husband is a real man!

Now of course when Jeff shaved the beard last night, he had to have a little fun. Instead of shaving the entire thing, he gave himself a lovely handlebar mustache (I use the term "lovely" loosely). He actually likes the mustache so much that he is keeping it until Monday so that his classmates can see it. Uggggghhhh, I have to live with this mustache for 2 whole days.


Amy said...

Jeff, that is ugly. But, you do look like you fit right in here in Texas. You should have had that look with your long hair. That would have been even better. We think you guys are the greatest.

Lyndsey Swindlehurst said...

Brit, you know I am jealous! Now you probably have even a harder time being away from your man, cuz he is so HOT!

Janika said...

Perhaps I am inhibiting my husband's manliness, but I cannot stand facial hair. It says, "I have something to hide and I don't mind creeping people out." The mutton chops were very creepy ;) Some men can get away with a well trimmed beard or goatee and still look like civilized people, but nothing says child molester like shaggy facial hair. I'm glad Jeff had fun with it, though. I laughed.