Monday, November 10, 2008

Lexi's Big Girl Bed

Lexi has been very into climbing lately and unfortunately discovered that she could escape from her crib. To avoid a broken arm, I reluctantly converted her crib into a toddler bed. Things have been a little difficult since the transition, but we're slowly adjusting. Lexi's biggest challenge is trying to figure out how not to roll out of the bed. Poor kid.

Lexi loves bathtime, although the bathroom is always soaked after she's done.
Getting ready for the rainy season here in Texas.


Amy said...

Very cute pictures! I can't believe she is already in a bed! I should probably get on that but then I would NEVER get London to nap. So, it will have to wait :)


She's so cute! I love those curls!

sonna said...

love the boots. i wish we lived closer. hopefully someday. ruthie is also crawling out of bed, but we just trapped her inside with a sheet over the top. is that cruel or what!?