Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was particularly fun. The neighborhood we live in is known for its Halloween block party, so we were excited to get involved this year. We pulled our barbecue out front and cooked hot dogs while the kids ran around in their costumes playing with friends. We have such a wonderful neighborhood. Alexis was a vampire princess. She was practically unrecognizable with the black hair and makeup. I think she actually scared herself. She told Jeff that next year she wants to be something a little less scary like a policeman. Jackson was a lion. I was worried I wouldn't be able to convince him to put his costume on, but after he saw Alexis dressed and ready to go, he complied. I even got him to sit still long enough to paint a nose and whiskers on his face. All-in-all, it was a great Halloween. Now on to Thanksgiving.

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