Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Santa Came to Town

Well, Santa came a little early this year. Last night he made a stop by our apartment and delivered my Christmas present. A digital piano!!! It was actually from my sweet husband and I think it's the best present I've ever gotten (although the year I got my truck was pretty awesome too). It has a full keyboard with weighted keys, and so it plays just like a real piano. I have to say I'm a little embarassed because I'm pretty rusty. I've got some serious practicing to do. Thanks Jeff. I've also included a few funny pictures of Lexi. The last one cracks me up.


Amy said...

Yeah! What a fun present and what a good Santa!! I can't believe how big Lexi is either. She and London are going to have so much fun seeing each other!!

Chris and Jen Rogers said...

Hey Brittany...I found your blog from your comment on Joe & Heidi's. It is so crazy how many people are blogging. You have a darling little girl. Check out my blog sometime Jen Roger (Garn)

Jesse said...

Hey Brit. Cam sent me the link to your blog. I love to see you so happy! So many great things have happened for you. Your little girl is gorgeous. That's a good looking guy you ended up with. And can I say, you look fabulous! I've missed you, but things sure have been great here too. I'm just doing the BIOEN PhD thing and my wife and I just got our own little home. You keep smiling and I hope that we will run into each other some time.

Jesse Montgomery

D'Lonna said...

Now I can call you to help in the Primary. Right??
What a good husband! I love that last picture of Lexi!