Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas 2007

Well, Christmas has come and gone. Our 2nd anniversary has come and gone. Jeff and my birthdays have come and gone (Could we pack a little more into a two week period?). This year we spent Christmas with my parents in Scottsdale and it was lot's of fun. We did get off to a little bit of a rough start though. A few days before we left, Lexi came down with a stomach bug which was unfortunately accompanied by lovely diarrhea. The poor little thing was pooping through her clothes several times a day (by poor thing I mean me since I had to clean it up, although D'lonna did one too. Thanks D'lonna). So, our travel day comes and Lexi is still sick. So what are we going to do? Say some serious prayers and hope she doesn't explode on the plane. Luckily we made the trip and sweet Lexi waited until we got to my parents to poop through her clothes again (I apologize to everyone who doesn't have kids for the candid use of the word "poop". When you have children you'll understand). So our first few days at my parents involved feeding Lexi lots of crackers and bananas until she got better.

Next, Christmas eve rolls around and Lexi is finally getting back to her normal self. Well, Santa had other plans. While playing with Jeff, Lexi does a faceplate into my parents stone floor and chips her two front teeth. It went something like this...Lexi screaming, me crying, Lala and me looking for the tooth, me crying, Lala calling any dentists she knows, me crying, and finally a little more crying. It was definitly more traumatic for me. So now Lexi has a cute little snaggle tooth grin. Thank goodness baby teeth fall out. Oh, and did I mention that through this crazy first week, Lexi was getting her first molar.

After all that happened during that first week I was getting worried that Christmas was going to be a fiasco, but things made a turn for the better and we had a wonderful time. Christmas morning was very quiet with just the five of us, but was very nice. Of course, Lexi preferred playing with the wrapping paper and boxes more than any of her presents. We had a great Christmas dinner followed by a movie on Dad's 100 something inch screen in the theater. Who could ask for more?

On the 28th, we decided to take a road trip to Las Vegas to see Jerilyn's family. We only stayed one night, but got to enjoy William's birthday and play with the Jeep that Lala and Maude got him and Matthew for Christmas. It was so nice to see Jerilyn, Aaron, and the three boys.

We drove home from Las Vegas just a short 23 hours later and picked up a stow away. Actually, it was just Andrew who came along to spend some time at Lala and Maude's. It was great hanging out with him, except that he manages to bring the 14 year old out in my husband (not hard to do). Jeff and him had so much fun.

When we got back to Scottsdale, we were able to spend some time with Amy and Eric who had been in Utah for Christmas. Their kids are adorable and it was fun to get the two babies together, although Lexi was a bit of a chicken around London. I think it's because Lexi's an only child and the only crying she usually hears is her own.

So, basically that was our holiday. Pretty hectic I know. Thanks mom and dad for a great Christmas (and the 5 pounds that Jeff and I put on).


Amy said...

Cute pics! I didn't realize how crazy things were for you. Isn't traveling with children lovely? Just being away from home with children seems to make disasters happen. Love you guys.

Jonah and Aja Eyre said...

loved seeing the photos of everyone. so sorry about the craziness and lexi's teeth! wish we could have seen you... guess we'll just have to wait for another wedding. who's next anyway, lyndsi or tyler?

katie said...

So fun to see you over the break. Your baby is adorable and your husband is hilarious!