Thursday, January 17, 2008

Honey, this one's for you

Jeff has been begging me to post these pictures of him and Lou Ferrigno (aka The Incredible Hulk). He came to Jeff's school and gave a lecture. I don't think I've seen Jeff so excited since Lexi was born. He made sure to sit front and center so that he had a bird's eye view. He was like a kid in a candy store! Enjoy the pictures and be sure to congratulate Jeff on his brief encounter with the Incredible Hulk.


Amy said...

I can just see Jeff being totally excited for that. He will always be a kid - that isn't a bad thing (of course).

Brendan & Tatem said...

Jeff is looking extra buff, next to the hulk. We wanted to let you guys know we had our baby, you can see our blog to see all of the details. Hope all is well and that school is great

Brendan and tatem

katie said...

I can tell he is beaming in those pictures-I don't think his smile could get any big?!