Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas #2

Christmas #2 was celebrated on Jeff's birthday, December 20th in Boise. We flew in on the 19th to celebrate with Jeff's sisters Courtney and Kris because they had to work over the holidays and were unable to leave for Christmas. The trip was lot's of fun, but the funniest part was watching Lexi interact with all the dogs. There were 3 dogs for her to play with and she had so much fun. We are definitly going to have to get our own dog one of these days. I was also very excited because I got to see my friend Amber who moved from Texas about 4 months ago. After her husband graduated from chiropractic school here in Dallas, they moved to Boise to open a practice there. Lucky for us, they were only about a 30 minute drive and so we got to spend an evening with Amber, her husband, and their 2 cute kids. It was such a great trip and although we were sad that Kris and Courtney couldn't make the trip to Utah with us, we felt lucky that we could celebrate a "mock" Christmas with them a few days early. Now, on to Utah for another Christmas celebration.

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jo-mama said...

Lexi is so cute! and you and Jeff aren't bad either. How I miss you!!