Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas #1

This holiday season Jeff and I spent a lot of time traveling. We had so much family to see that we ended up celebrating 4 separate Christmas's all on different days. We spent the first Christmas at our apartment in Dallas because we didn't want to drag all our Christmas gifts on the plane. Jeff and I set everything up the night before and Lexi was so excited when she came out of her room and saw her presents. My parents bought her a play kitchen and her jaw dropped when she saw it. She has always loved playing with kitchens and we decided that it was time she had one of her own. She also got a children's mp3 player and some accessories for her kitchen. Jeff got me many wonderful surprises including a jewelry box, a running jacket, a watch, and oh a diamond ring (for our anniversary). My gifts for him didn't even compare. What a great guy he is. One Christmas down, only 3 more to go.


The Young Family Inc. said...

HOLY CHRISTMASESSES'S'!!! (or how ever that goes.)

The Young Family Inc. said...

I Just read what I wrote. Is that sacreligious!?!?

The Young Family Inc. said...

ANd how do you spell "sacreligious"!?!??!