Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lexi's 2nd Birthday

So, I'm only a week behind posting pictures from Lexi's 2nd birthday. We wanted to keep things simple and so only had a few people over and just ordered some pizza's and had cupcakes for dessert. The big highlight was giving Lexi her first Radio Flyer tricyle. She was so excited when she saw it. It's great for me because, until she learns to drive it, I can control it with the adult handle. Unfortunately, Lexi has been really sick this week and so we haven't had much time to use it. Hopefully this week we'll get some riding in.

This is a picture of poor sick Lexi this week. Doesn't she look miserable?


Amy said...

Her birthday looks like so much fun! The picture at the end of her being sick is so sad! I hate it when kids are sick - it is miserable for everyone!

Gabbarts said...

Happy birthday lex...Geez they grow so fast! I hope that she is feeling better, this time of year it seems impossible to keep them healthy. (ps-Her hair is absolutely adorable.)

Emily said...

She is soooooo tall! I hope you guys are doing well!