Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Last Will and Testament

In my attempt to lose the last 30 pounds of post-pregnancy weight I've decided to do the P90X workout program. It's basically 90 days of sheer torture. I started yesterday and am already sore to the max. So, if I die from a heart attack or my body is rendered useless from the pain, please tell my family that I love them. On the other hand, if I make it through the 90 days I should be one buff chick!


Amy & Scott said...

You are brave, very brave, let me know how you like it though, I have always wanted to do it, but don't think that I could make it that long....GOOD LUCK!!!!


Hey lady! I'm a terrible friend! It's been nutty around here and I'm still trying to catch up on stuff. How are you? P90X? It's hard core, but so are you. I puked the second day and Jared puked the first. But it works! I still steal stuff from there for body works all the time. Let me know how it goes. Missing you like crazy! Come back!

Gretta said...

It gets easier, I promise. My first week was nearly unbearable, and now, I look forward to workouts. Just wait until recovery week! Also, don't beat yourself up if you miss a day (or week). Good luck!


jo-mama said...

I wish I could be your partner in "post-baby fat" crime! I want to be buff again! PS Lexi is beautiful! thx for the blog invite.

Love natalie