Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yum Yum!

Jackson had his first taste of baby food this past Sunday. We decided to start with squash in the hopes that he will become a vegi-lover like his sister. He did pretty good for his first time, although the bulk of the food ended up on his bib and up his nose. He's getting better every day and his diapers are getting stinkier. It's fun to start feeding your baby solids, but man does it make the dirty diapers worse! Oh well, whatcha gonna do?
Here are some random pics of the kids that I've been meaning to post...

Andrew came to visit and he and Lexi decided to swap clothes. I'll spare you the picture of Andrew wearing Lexi's clothes, but I'm sure you can imagine a 16-year-old wearing a 3-year-old's clothes. Luckily he wore his boxers underneath.
Getting ice cream as a family. What's up with kids always wanting sprinkles? Seriously yuck! We were actually surprised because on this trip she went for mini m&m's. Maybe her tastes are maturing.
Jackson and his cousin Olivia. It is so nice living close to family so we can get together and hang out.
As many babies do, Jack started sporting a mullet as his baby hair began to fall out. I have a strict no-mullet policy and so had to pull out the clippers and take care of the problem immediately.
Much better!!!
Lexi is always happy to pose for the camera. She's defintely our little actress.


D'Lonna said...

Jackson is so big and cute!!! We can't wait to see you guys in August. James keeps asking about Lexi.

Rutter Family said...

Cute! They are growing up so fast. We miss you guys, hope all is well with you.

Gina Louise said...


You little family is so cute. Congratulations on your newest arrival, Jackson. Welcome to being a mommy of two. We're pregnant with our third . . . I'll let you know if we survive being out numbered! :) Good to hear from you (well, to read about you and see pictures.) :) Take care.