Thursday, October 11, 2007

Crazy Crawling Baby

Well, it's official...Lexi's crawling. She finally figured it out a few weeks ago and now she's unstoppable! Long gone are the days of plopping her in the middle of the family room while I take a shower. Her favorite things to get into are the VCR (which she got her finger stuck in the other day), Jeff's school papers, and the bedroom pillows. It's actually been kind of hard on me because she keeps wacking her head on things and then cries, which makes me feel awful. I hate seeing my little one in pain. She got a bloody lip the other day and I about lost it. How am I going to handle it when a guy breaks her heart, or she has to get stitches? That's it, she's never leaving the house. This parenting business is tough. Enjoy the pictures

Lexi took her first shower with Daddy. At first she wasn't a big fan of the running water, but when she got used to it she really liked it. The only problem is that she get's really slippery when she's all soapy and wet. I think we'll stick to the bathtub for a while.

As many of you probably know, Jeff MAKES me cut his hair. He likes to keep it really short and doesn't want to pay to get it cut every couple of weeks. Anyways, I got a little carried away this time and ended up giving him a buzz. Ok, it was on purpose. I was curious what he'd look like with the shorter do. He doesn't look too shabby, although I think I prefer him with hair. We decided that while he still has hair on the top of his head he should keep it longer, so this will be the last buzz for a while.

We're trying a new parenting technique at our house. We've started giving Lexi a beer before bed to help her wind down. What do you think? Just kidding, it's only root beer. What is it that makes drinking root beer out of a bottle so much fun?

Here's a picture of the nasty spider that set-up shop outside our front door. My silly husband likes to feed it caterpillars that he catches on our porch. It's actually kind of interesting to watch the spider spin a web around the bugs and eat them. The maintenance man asked me if I wanted to get rid of him and I said that as long as the spider stays outside it's fine.


D'Lonna said...

Looks Good Brittany! Maybe I will have to make some improvements too.

Cute Pictures!

Amy said...

Your blog is very cute! I like the new background - you'll have to fill me in on where you found it. Lexi is very,very cute. Jeff should keep his hair and I can't believe you are letting the spider live.