Saturday, October 13, 2007

Texas State Fair Here We Come!

So yesterday Jeff, Lexi, and I went to the Dallas State Fair, and let me say...No one does a state fair like Texas! We went with our friends Lane, Amber, and Easton and had a blast.

We started our trek around 4:00 pm and proceded to navigate our way through downtown Dallas to find the fairgrounds. I was a little skeptical about the area when I read the directions that said "if you get lost, don't attempt to find your way. Just turn around. The fairgrounds are in a very bad area of town." Ok, so a little scary. Were we supposed to pack heat? I guess I could've brought my mace.

Ok, so after an hour of driving in rush hour traffic we finally made it, and pay a whopping $10.00 to park, and then another $25.00 to get in. Freak, are we in Disneyland? Oh yeah, then you have to immediately by "coupons" once you get inside because everything is purchased via little orange tickets. It's totally a conspiracy! They make you buy coupons in packs of ten, but everything costs some odd, random amount of coupons, so at the end of the night you're left with like 3 coupons. And, common, what can you buy with 3 coupons? A stick of gum? Not even that. And of course you can't use these little orange things in the real world so you basically have to throw away $2.00. It's highway robbery. I mean when you're poor little college students, $2.00 is a lot of money. That can buy us dinner at Costco.

Ok, ok, ok, so we have our coupons and we're inside the fair. The next opstacle is trying to navigate the stroller through the 5 million black teenagers. I just about got in a fight when I ran over some 16 year-old black chicks toe. And, of course it always seems like you're going against the flow of traffic. I'm thinking of installing an air horn on the stroller.

Now, since we have an infant and don't want to waste $50.00 playing carnival games, what do we do at the fair? The answer is...Eat as much fried food as you can. I started with a giant corny dog and a jumbo Diet Dr. Pepper, then proceeded to eat a fried snickers bar, oh yes, a fried snickers bar. Then, I finished the evening with fried cookie dough (my favorite). The fair has a contest every year on the most original and tasty fried good. This year's winner was the fried Coke (which I didn't try). I'm pretty sure I consumed about 5,000 calories, evidenced by the fact that Jeff had to roll me out the front gates. Man, but it was good.

So after consuming the fried food, we visited the petting zoo. Lexi wasn't quite sure about all the furry creatures trying to lick her face (neither was I). They did have quite an asortment of wild animals including an ostrich. An ostrich in a petting zoo. Doesn't that seem weird? Aren't ostrich mean? Needless to say, I kept my distance.

Well, as the night was winding down, we decided to go to the food court and consume more fried food including fried chicken fingers. So, we're sitting enjoying our food when all of a sudden we hear this yelling and hollering. In stomps a group of black guys flashing gang signs. "Oh great, we're going to get caught in the middle of a gang fight at the fair. I hope my underwear is clean for the hospital." Those were the exact thoughts going through my head as about 100 cops come flying in the door to break up the commotion. Luckily, no guns were fired and we made it out alive.

After the gang incident we decided to wrap up the evening (but not before consuming a little more fried food). Luckily we made it home safely with only a few extra pounds around our midsections. So ends our first excursion to the Dallas State Fair. Yee Haw.

Chowing down on one of the fair's famous corny dogs.

Fried snickers bar. Pretty yummy.

Next time I try breastfeeding and want to complain I'll look at this picture and think that it could be worse.

This camel was trying to give me a kiss. No, thanks, I'm good.

Wow, this pig has huge, umm........spots.

Lane and Easton feeding the goats

Do we really need a sign that says this?

Trying to stay a safe distance away from the mean ostrich

Lexi and her friend Easton

My friend Amber Cable and Me. She used to be my running buddy until she went and got herself pregnant. Grrrrrr.


Anonymous said...

Fried snickers? Do not lie to me! Sorry about your fingers....hilarious. You look beautiful B. Lexi is a doll. Love you three! Julie

Jonah and Aja Eyre said...

This killed me with laughter. Nice job on the blog.