Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lexi's 1st 5K

Lexi completed her first 5K yesterday (oh yeah, Jeff and I finished it too). We all three ran in the annual Pumpkin Dash. It was so much fun. We put Lexi in her bumble bee costume and pushed her in the jogging stroller. Jeff, being the nice guy that he is, offered to push Lexi so that I could run faster, and I ended up placing 2nd in my age category. After the race there was a fall festival and a costume contest. It was such a fun day. We are definitly going to make it an annual event.

My award for placing 2nd in the 20-24 age group.



Amy said...

Cute Bee costume!! You are such a cute family. (btw, you are looking very skinny!)

The Young Family Inc. said...

Hap-Bee Halloween!

Jonah and Aja Eyre said...

you are super mom.